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Audience Demographics: Who's consuming your content?
Audience Demographics: Who's consuming your content?

In this article we will explore the audience demographics found in Shield Analytics, and why it matters

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Feature available with Influencer plan.

Know Your Audience

Knowing your audience is key to ensure a fit between your content and the needs and pains of your audience.

Assuming you know who's consuming your content is a slippery slope that may distance you, or even worse, disconnect you, from those who actually care.

That's why we have designed and implemented Audience Demographics.

Audience demographics

First, we have a quick view of audience demographics available as a hover feature next to each post in the Content Overview. A small pin icon will bring up the audience demographics as pie charts, as seen on the screenshot below.

Audience Demographics via Post Inspect (Mirror-glass icon πŸ”Ž )

Through the Post Inspect icon (The mirror-glass icon πŸ”Ž left to the hover feature above), the same audience demographics will be available, together with the actual, direct engagement on the content. This page will yield information on:

  • Company

  • Occupation

  • Region

  • Direct engagement (comments and reactions).

Via Post Inspect, each piece of content will have a separate page of its own for further inspection.


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