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Word cloud: Your most used words on LinkedIn

Keep your content aligned with your LinkedIn goals, get a visual summary of your most used words across posts

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Align your LinkedIn goals with your content

Let's say you want to be known on LinkedIn for "marketing, empathy, and leadership". How do you keep track that your content reflects this?

With the new feature "Word Cloud" you can now stay focused on topics that matter the most to you and your audience. It's also a great way to see how your content has evolved over time.

What is it?

It's a snapshot of the most used words in your LinkedIn content.

Where is it?

  1. Login into Shield

  2. Go into your workspace and head to the Content Report Section

  3. Scroll down and you find it under Data

What to look for?

Look for the words in the biggest size and colours. They represent your most used words.

πŸ’‘ TIP β†’ This is great to find hashtags to use for the creator mode on LinkedIn or just to see if your words are aligned with the core topics you talk about.


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