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Content type labels: Which content type perform best?
Content type labels: Which content type perform best?

Plan your LinkedIn content driven by your data. Use the new automatic labels to find which type of content is performing best for you

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Feature available with Influencer Plan.

In this article, we are going to find out how to see which content type is performing best for you on LinkedIn using the new Shield automatic content type labels.

Plan your content type

To maximize your reach on LinkedIn, it is important to know which type of content generates maximum reach and results. The new automatic content type labels help you find exactly that.

What is it?

These are buttons you can select and de-select to see insights on how a particular content type is performing.

Where is it?

  1. Login into Shield

  2. Go into your workspace and head to the Content Report Section

What to look for?

Look for "Average Statistics" for each of your most-used content types.

In the example below you see the Averages for "Text" posts.

How to do it ↓

  • Hit YTD (Year to date)

  • Click on Text content type

  • Scroll down to Average Stats and turn on the Average button toggle to find your averages for text posts

πŸ’‘ TIP β†’ Repeat this process for other content types you use often and see the differences in Views, Reactions, Engagement rates. Compare this to your overall averages to see which content type does better than others.


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