Visual Benchmarks: See post performance at a glance

Visual benchmarks show how a single post performs against your general performance in a given time period (other posts)

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What's your current form?

A question often discussed in the sports world is the current form of a player, how she or he is performing lately. The same analogy can be applied to your LinkedIn content. How your current form is, compared to your averages over a month or let's say a year, tells you tons about your growth or degrowth.
Once you have this information, you can easily tweak your content to get back on track and continue your LinkedIn content creator's journey.

What is it?

It's a visual representation of your post's performance. You must wonder performance compared to what? Compared to your averages in the time period that you've selected.

Where is it?

  1. Login into Shield

  2. Go into your workspace and head to the Content Overview Section

3. Scroll down to the Content Table

You will find the visual benchmarks on the metrics in the content table.

What to look for?

Look for green or orange dots on the left of the metric.

🟒 The green dot indicates above-average performance on that metric compared to the average during the chosen time period. When you hover the metric you'll see how much above your average.
🟠 The Orange dots indicate how much below-average is that metric performing. When you hover the metric you'll see how much below your average.

πŸ’‘ TIP β†’ Go hit up your YTD stats and explore how you're performing today compared to your averages this year - to learn what works and what doesn't.


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