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How to set up your Shield account after signing up
How to set up your Shield account after signing up

You need to verify your Shield account in order to connect your LinkedIn account to Shield. After signing up, follow the steps below

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Step 1 — Verify your Shield account

  1. Log in to LinkedIn (on the profile you wish to connect)

  2. Open the onboarding email sent from [email protected]

  3. Copy the License key from the onboarding email

  4. Insert the License key to the Chrome Extension

  5. Click “Verify”
    Note: Upon clicking "Verify", you will be automatically logged out of LinkedIn. This is a normal part of the verification process and indicates successful verification.

Keep your account verified to maintain the connection between Shield and LinkedIn.

Step 2 — Log in to Shield

  1. Copy username and password from the onboarding email

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