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How to give access to Shield to your clients
How to give access to Shield to your clients

Give your clients access to their stats and analytics on the Shield dashboard

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Available with Shield for Business plan.

Agencies working with Shield experience increased customer retention when providing Shield dashboard access to their clients.

What are the benefits of giving access to Shield to your clients?

  1. It's a transparent way of real-time reporting to your customers

  2. It creates more engagement between the agency's work and the client

  3. Clients can monitor the impact of their Linkedin account themselves

How to give Shield access to your clients?

Step 1 — Verify your client's profile

Step 2 — Communicate your Client's info

Communicate your client's email address to the Shield team sending us a message in the chat or email at [email protected]

Step 3 — Shield will send your client their login

We will take it from here and send to your client their credentials via email.

Here the template of the email they will receive:

Shield system email with login information

Once your client successfully login into Shield, they will get access to their individual workspaces and view their own stats (ONLY).

Do clients need to download the Chrome extension?

Clients don't need to download the Chrome extension when accounts are fully managed by the agency. However, we suggest clients have their own Chrome extension installed to establish a more stable connection between Shield and LinkedIn.

Is the login info for clients available with all the plans?

This is only available on Shield for Business.

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