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How to (re)verify disconnected accounts
How to (re)verify disconnected accounts

Missing LinkedIn data from your team/clients? Monitor the verification status to make sure Shield is tracking data in real time

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When accounts are unverified/disconnected, Shield is unable to track content data in real-time. Here is how to check & correct the verification status across all accounts:

Step 1Β β€” Check verification status

  1. Select the workspace with all your team-members/clients

  2. Select the team section on the left

  3. Check verification status

    🟒 Green dot = verified & connected

    πŸ”΄ Red dot = not verified & disconnected

Step 2 β€” Verify disconnected accounts

There are two ways to correct the verification status of your team/clients. Choose the guide that fits your case:

  • Full Access: You have full access (LinkedIn username & password) to the account you wish to (re)verify.

  • No Access: You don't have the LinkedIn login-credentials to the account that needs (re)verification.

You have Full Access to your accounts:

  1. Copy the license key from your Shield-dashboard

  2. Login to the LinkedIn profile you fully manage

  3. Enter the key in the chrome-extension

  4. Click verify
    ​Note: Upon clicking "Verify", you will be automatically logged out of LinkedIn. This is a normal part of the verification process and indicates successful verification.

  5. Login to the next account

(Repeat step 1 - 5 for all other accounts)

Locate your team or clients' Shield license keys

You do not have Full Access to your accounts:

  1. Copy the unique Shield License key from the Shield dashboard

  2. Send the key together with instructions to your team/clients
    (template below - remember to "insert key")

Email template:

Hey Name,

Please re-verify your Shield account, by following steps in the article below:

  • How to verify your Shield Account: click here

  • Your license key needed: (Insert key)

Have a nice day,

Your Name

Missing data after reconnecting?

Inform [email protected] of which accounts have been reverified so we can fetch the missing data for those accounts.


The Shield team

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