Which Shield plan should I choose?

Choose between plans for individual creators or businesses

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We currently have three plans available for individuals. And Shield for Business for teams and agencies.

See plans and pricing at www.shieldapp.ai/pricing.


The Starter Plan has the most basic feature set. Watch the video below to see this version of Shield in action.


The Creator Plan is a step up from Starter. You get the benefits of comparing stats between time periods, visual benchmarks across your posts, and custom content labels.


The Influencer Plan is a step up from Creator, and the most comprehensive feature set we offer. You get to learn about audience demographics, and how much your content is worth through our Earned Media Calculator, automatic content type labels, powerful search, and more.

Shield for Business

With Shield for Business, you can connect multiple personal LinkedIn accounts to your dashboard (price per account connected).

Agencies and teams use Shield for Business to turn tedious spreadsheets into automated reports for multiple profiles.

Shield for Business has all the features available from the INFLUENCER Plan, including Audience Demographics, Export to CSV, and Automatic Labels plus data aggregation across multiple profiles.


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