How is Engagement Rate calculated?

Understand how engaged your audience is with the engagement rate metric

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What is Engagement Rate?

Engagement Rate shows you how engaged your audience is over time.

It helps you understand if your audience is actively engaging with your content through comments, likes and shares.

Where is it?

You can find your Engagement Rate on both your Content Report and Content Overview sections of Shield.

All you need to do is choose a time period and engagement rate is calculated across the posts in it.

Pro tip: Flip the "Show Averages" switch to see your average engagement rate.

How is it calculated?

The value of engagement

Why is it important to track and compare engagement rate?

Tracking your engagement rate enables you understand if your followers are actively engaging, and helps you understand which posts drive most engagement.

More followers and more views result in bigger numbers, and usually lower engagement rates. Aim to keep your engagement rate consistent, or growing, when you increase your followers. This will indicate a loyal, engaged follower base.


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